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2024 Guide: Best Virtual Reality in California

California is rapidly embracing Virtual Reality (VR) due to accessibility to advanced hardware and software. California's renowned innovation fuels its VR leadership, shaping the future of immersive experiences. Even major players in the VR sector are headquartered in this state, contributing significantly to its evolution. The state's dynamic entertainment industry is integrating VR for interactive storytelling and virtual adventures. This article is a guide for you to discover California's best VR experiences, from Virtual Reality gaming to awe-inspiring cinema and mind-blowing tech. 

The gaming world has been evolving under the influence of VR  and serving as one of the important sources of entertainment. One of the best platforms for an exceptional gaming experience is Glo Mini Golf, which comprises VR escape rooms, arcade games, and console games, a complete entertainment package for all ages. 

Let us see which VR trends are emerging in 2024, California.


Emerging Trends of VR in 2024, California

California is currently experiencing a dynamic transformation in the VR landscape with a strong focus on social interactions, enterprise applications, healthcare, education, the incorporation of augmented reality (AR), and improved accessibility of hardware. The effect of these emerging trends continues on the various aspects of society and business, which suggests a favorable outlook for the future of virtual reality.

Here are some of the top trends of Virtual Reality in 2024, California-

1. Extended Reality (XR) Integration:

The lines are blurring between VR, AR, and MR, creating a new reality (XR) that redefines how we experience the world. It has a wide range of applications, from best virtual reality gaming and entertainment to education and training.

2. Immersive Training and Simulation

Medical professionals can use VR simulations to practice surgeries in a risk-free environment. Another advantage would be the enhancement of their skills and confidence. This trend is transforming training across industries, from manufacturing to aviation.

Best Virtual Reality Game In California

3. VR in Healthcare:

In California, medical practitioners are adopting VR for patient therapy, pain management, and even remote consultations. This trend is enhancing patient care and medical training methodologies.

4. Collaborative VR Spaces:

Platforms like Spatial enabled post-pandemic era requirements of connecting physically. Through this, teams meet in virtual environments, fostering creativity and productivity.  

5. Evolving Entertainment Experiences:

The entertainment industry in California is embracing VR to provide more immersive and interactive experiences. VR arcades will teleport us to virtual worlds. The specially designed arcade lets you step into the cinema or game and make you the hero of your own story.

GLO has glow in the dark mini golf, an unforgettable, unique experience of endless virtual reality fun. It provides the most thrilling playing experience in the state-of-the-art retro atmosphere created on a glowing golf course.  

The mini golf glow in the dark has a dazzling golf course with hidden obstacle challenges and 27 unique and creative holes, providing a wholesome and enjoyable experience. 

6. Accessible VR Hardware:

Companies are making VR headsets that you can use on their own with very little setup. This makes overall accessibility of VR experiences easy and increases adoption among various demographics. 

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Guide to Experience Best Virtual Reality in California

1. VR Arcades:

  • California's VR arcades are immersive adventures, offering a unique social experience and an unforgettable outing.
  • These areas become central hubs for socializing, where people can enjoy the variety of games equipped with top-notch VR gear to dive into virtual reality adventure.
  • The sophisticated equipment includes VR headsets, controllers, and motion-tracking systems, allowing visitors to step into realistic virtual worlds.  
  • VR arcade setups are spacious with designated play areas, guaranteeing a secure and enjoyable environment for participants.
  • Arcade setups are increasing all across California for players of all ages. GLO Mini Golf’s GLO Arcade has the arcade game experience with its exciting collection for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. 
  • The multiplayer options enable multiple groups to compete against each other in the virtual realm. These venues also host VR tournaments and events, fostering a sense of community among gaming enthusiasts.

Book your arcade escapade today! (Starting at just $30 per person)

2. Theme Parks: 

  • The cutting-edge virtual reality experiences in California have arcades offering a wide variety of experiences for all ages and interests. 
  • From virtual reality gaming, simulations, and experiences across different genres comprising adventure and horror genres to educational content, virtual reality delivers truly immersive experiences.
  • Some virtual reality theme parks create themed environments to enhance the overall experience. These could be based on popular franchises, historical periods, or imaginative worlds.
  • Some VR theme parks incorporate educational elements, offering experiences that provide insights into history, science, or other subjects.
  • Feel the Force like never before with VR at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland, Anaheim.
  • Cutting-edge VR headsets, motion-tracking that mirrors your every move, and haptic feedback let you experience heart-pounding visuals, seamless motion tracking, and lifelike touch feedback.

3. VR Gaming Console:

  • VR Gaming Console has stunning graphics, and interactive gameplay transports players into a virtual world with an unparalleled immersive level. The stunning visuals created and the precise motion control system through advanced tracking system makes it a unique experience for game enthusiasts.
  • Xbox & Playstation equipped with 200 games, Glo Mini Golf in Riverside provides a complete entertainment package of console gaming. 

4. VR Cinemas:

  • California's VR cinema theaters' cutting-edge VR headsets and lifelike audio transports you into another dimension of stunning 360-degree environments, while the immersive audio brings them to life in incredible detail.  
  • VR cinemas in California are taking movie immersion to the next level with advanced features like motion tracking and haptic feedback. 
  • This technology lets your physical movements influence the VR environment, allowing you to walk, climb, or fight alongside characters while adding touch sensations like wind or sword slashes.

5. VR Escape Rooms:

  • The experience allows us to dive into puzzles where objects respond effortlessly to your touch, guided by an intuitive design. GLO Mini Golf's alluring escape room is one of the best destinations if you search for "best escape rooms" or virtual reality gaming near me.” It takes you on a thrilling adventure, providing a unique way to test your wits and teamwork in a virtual setting.
  • VR escape rooms have gained popularity soon among friends and families and for team-building activities while providing a thrilling approach to adventure.  
  • It is a distinctive fusion of traditional escape room experiences and video games, where players or groups enjoy thrilling and innovative forms of amusement. 
  • From chilling haunted mansions to sleek spaceships, the personalized virtual reality adventure experience lets you interact seamlessly with the surroundings. 

6. VR Fitness Studios:

  • VR fitness studios are transforming the conventional gym experience all across California. This appeals to a varied customer base that is enthusiastic about embracing the future of fitness. 
  • The focus of these studios' commitment to innovation and healthy lifestyles is reflected through their representation of technology and wellness fusion.
  • These studios provide a variety of VR fitness classes such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and yoga while making workouts enjoyable and effective through the immersive capability of virtual reality.

7. VR Technology Showcases:

  • In San Diego's core, museums dedicated to science and technology feature interactive VR exhibits, enabling visitors to delve into the educational and scientific possibilities of virtual reality. Meanwhile, Los Angeles, renowned for its entertainment technology, hosts VR film festivals that transport participants into captivating virtual realms. 
  • Experience the future of storytelling at The Hollywood VR Summit, where experts in virtual reality and entertainment come together.
  • The Virtual Reality Developers Conference at Anaheim is another place to gain insights from tech enthusiasts into the dynamic landscape of VR developments.
  • The annual event of the San Francisco Virtual Reality Expo is the opportunity to witness industry leaders unveiling the latest VR innovations in healthcare, such as surgeons performing VR-assisted operations. Explore mind-blowing hyper-reality in video games.
  • Participants have the opportunity to try out practical demonstrations, join informative discussions, and connect with others who have a shared enthusiasm for the virtual world.


California is a leader in virtual reality for cutting-edge experiences and endless possibilities. Virtual reality gaming, arcade games that make your adrenaline rush, epic adventures in theme parks, the experience of mind-bending immersive films, and escape rooms - the possibilities are endless here. The VR fitness studios are redefining the gym experience, the science and technology museums in San Diego feature interactive VR exhibits for educational purposes, and the state has a diverse range of applications. Experience the future of California now with incredible virtual experiences.


1. Explain Virtual Reality (VR), and its functioning?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technological innovation that creates immersive, computer-generated worlds, enabling users to deeply engage in a computer-generated experience. It typically involves the use of VR headsets to provide users with a realistic and interactive experience.

2. Which are the top Virtual Reality experiences available in California in 2024?

Explore the best VR experiences California has to offer, ranging from cutting-edge gaming and entertainment to educational and training applications. Glo Mini Golf has one of the best experiences of VR Gaming through Console gam

es, Arcade, Escape Room, and Miniature Golf.

3. What VR equipment and devices are recommended for an optimal experience?

Considering factors such as performance, comfort, and affordability, these equipment and devices are recommended-

  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • PlayStation VR
  • Valve Index
  • Oculus Quest
  • Motion Controllers
  • VR-Ready Graphics Card
  • Sensors and Tracking Systems
  • High-quality Headphones
  • Gaming PC or Console

4. What are the emerging trends in Virtual Reality content creation and development?

  • Immersive Training and Simulation
  • Extended Reality(XR): a blend of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality
  • Cinematic arcades 

5. How is Virtual Reality contributing to healthcare and wellness in California?

In California, Virtual Reality (VR) is making significant contributions to healthcare and wellness by facilitating innovative therapeutic interventions, medical training simulations, and mental health treatments. VR isn't just entertainment; it's a powerful tool for healthcare. It aids physical therapy, virtualizes complex surgeries for safer training, and even provides immersive escapes to manage stress and support mental health.

6. Are there family-friendly virtual reality options available in California?

Yes, California offers numerous family-friendly virtual reality options catering to various interests and age groups. Many virtual reality gaming centers and attractions prioritize family-friendly content, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all members. These venues often feature age-appropriate games, simulations, and interactive experiences that allow families to bond while exploring the exciting world of virtual reality together. It's advisable to check with specific locations for age-appropriate content and family packages to enhance the overall enjoyment of virtual reality experiences for families in California.

7. Can I experience virtual reality for educational purposes in California?

Absolutely, California provides diverse opportunities to experience virtual reality for educational purposes. Many educational institutions, museums, and technology centers incorporate VR into their programs, offering immersive learning experiences in various subjects. Interactive simulations transport students into history, science, and virtual worlds, boosting their understanding.
Additionally, VR platforms like Google Expeditions bring educational content directly to classrooms. Virtual reality serves as a valuable tool for engaging and educating students, providing a dynamic and memorable approach to learning in California's educational landscape. Check with educational institutions and technology hubs for specific VR educational programs and experiences.

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