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Miniature Golf With Kids: 5 Tips for Keeping it Fun

Planning a day out with the family? Mini golf is a great option if you love doing a fun activity that brings joy to both parents and kids. Don't worry about being a golf pro – it's all about laughter and shared moments. Choose a mini golf course with a family-friendly vibe, like Glo Mini Golf, for an added touch of excitement. Remember, there's no rush – take your time, cheer for each other, and savor the joy of every swing. With these easy tips, your mini golf adventure is bound to be a delightful family experience. Get ready for a day filled with smiles and simple fun!

5 Tips for Keeping it Fun!

1. Choose the Right Mini Golf Course

Start by finding a mini golf course that is good for both families and kids. You can also check out Glo Mini Golf for a friendly place with glow-in-the-dark mini golf! It's perfect for families and adds a touch of magic to the game. Your little ones will love it, and you create unforgettable memories with them. So, give it a go and enjoy a special experience together! Apart from this, it is also very important to select a small and not too challenging course for your children so that they don't get bored during this amazing adventure. 

Pro Tip: Check for local indoor mini golf options if you want to enjoy the game without caring about the weather.

2. Plan the Day

To make the day more exciting, plan a themed mini golf adventure. Encourage your kids to dress up as their favorite characters or bring along props related to a chosen theme. This adds an element of creativity and also makes the day feel more exciting. You must also come prepared for any tricky situation so that your day doesn’t get messy. It is important to pack some healthy snacks for children and water to keep them hydrated. Do not forget to pack sunscreen and mosquito-repellent creams!

Pro Tip: Gather some inspiration from this article on KiddieTotes 

3. Explain the Rules Simply

Before starting the game, take some time to explain the rules to your kids easily. Keep it simple and explain the importance of good sportsmanship. You also have to be patient because the kids might make mistakes, but staying calm and explaining things properly is important so they can enjoy themselves. Sometimes, your child may simply miss on a putt, but they might get angry and take it out on the equipment. So, it is important to make your child understand that scores do not matter as long as they are enjoying themselves. 

Pro Tip: Create a mini golf "cheat sheet" with the basic rules and let your kids keep it with them during the game.

4. Snacking is Important

Nothing says fun like a glo mini golf adventure with a side of snacks. Pack some of your kids' favorite treats and take short breaks between rounds to enjoy them. It keeps energy levels up and adds an extra element of fun to the day. You can pack up their favorite sandwiches, some candies, a few pizza slices as well as soda and water. 

Pro Tip: Glow-in-the-dark snacks or treats related to your chosen theme can make snack time even more exciting.

5. Enjoy Yourself

The moment you step onto the glo golf course, remind yourself and your little ones that it's all about having a good time. No need to stress about the perfect swing or getting the ball in on the first try. Take a deep breath, and let the fun begin! Whether your little one gets a hole-in-one or needs a few extra tries, cheer them on! Positive vibes make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Celebrate the victories, big or small, and laugh off the quirky shots. It's all part of the mini golf magic.

Choosing the Right Mini Golf Ball

Picking the perfect mini golf ball is very simple. At places like Glo Mini Golf, you will find balls in all the colors of the rainbow. Let your kids choose the one that they like. It's like adding a splash of happiness to the game!

The mini golf balls are like a box of crayons. Let your kids explore and choose their favorite color. Whether it's a bright red, cool blue, or sunny yellow, their chosen ball becomes their mini golf companion. 

Ask your kids why they picked a color for the mini golf ball. It could be their superhero's cape color or their best friend's backpack shade. This little choice makes the game feel personal and extra special. Just another way to make your day full of smiles and fun!

Easy Mini Golf Swings: Less Stress, More Fun!

There is no need for a perfect swing – just a gentle tap will do. Remind your kids that mini golf is all about easy, breezy swings. A gentle tap is all it takes to send the ball on its way. No need for strong swings – just let the putter do the work.

Encourage your little golfers to find their own rhythm. Whether it's a slow and steady swing or a quick tap, the goal is to enjoy the game. Let them experiment and discover the swing style that feels most comfortable and fun for them.


Remember, the key to a successful glow in the dark mini golf day with kids is to keep it light, simple, and full of laughter. By choosing the right course, planning the day, explaining the rules clearly, snacking healthy, and enjoying yourself, you're guaranteed to create lasting memories for the whole family. So, grab your putters and get ready for a day of mini-golf fun!


Q.1 Where can I find miniature golf near me?

Ans: If you are searching for “mini golf near me” ask friends for recommendations. Places like Glo Mini Golf are great for family fun!

Q.2 Do I need to be a pro golfer to play at glo mini golf?

Ans: Nope, not at all! Mini golf is all about fun, not perfection. Just grab a putter, aim for the hole, and enjoy yourself. It's super easy and tons of fun for everyone.

Q.3 Can I bring snacks for the kids during mini golf?

Ans: Absolutely! Snacks make everything better. Pack your kids' favorite treats and take breaks between rounds to enjoy them. It adds a tasty touch to the day.

Q.4 What's the best time to play mini golf with kids?

Ans: Anytime that suits you! Whether it's a sunny afternoon or an evening adventure, mini golf is flexible. Choose a time when everyone is in good spirits and you're ready for some relaxed fun.

Q.5 How do I keep the game simple for younger kids?

Ans: Keep it easy-peasy! Explain the basic rules, encourage them to swing the putter gently, and let them enjoy the game at their own pace. The goal is to have fun together, so there is no need for complicated stuff. Just enjoy the moment!

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