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‍Types of Escape Rooms | Comprehensive Guide

Escape rooms have emerged as a favoured pastime appealing to individuals across all age groups. They present an exhilarating chance to craft enduring moments with loved ones, whether family, friends, or coworkers. This all-inclusive guide dives into the diverse array of escape room varieties, offering detailed insights into their distinct features. It's designed to assist you in discovering the ideal escape room experience tailored to suit your group's preferences and dynamics.

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Types of Escape Rooms

  1. In-Person Escape Rooms

In-person escape rooms are spaces where teams immerse themselves in a captivating environment. Inside these rooms, participants must interact with and manipulate objects to uncover clues and puzzle pieces. These traditional escape rooms are widely accessible and perfect for those who prefer hands-on experiences.

  • Escape Room for Adults

Escape rooms for adults are designed specifically and often feature more complex puzzles, darker themes, and intense storylines. These experiences are tailored to provide a challenging and immersive adventure that appeals to grown-up enthusiasts of puzzle-solving and mystery-solving games.

  • Private Escape Rooms

Private escape rooms offer an exclusive experience for friends, family, or colleagues. These rooms can be booked for a private session, ensuring that you and your group are the sole participants. It's an excellent option for team building, celebrations, or a unique night out.

  1. Virtual Escape Rooms

Virtual escape rooms offer a unique twist on the traditional concept. They can be enjoyed from your home, making them a convenient choice. Virtual escape rooms come in various forms, including digital adventures and point-and-click games. Virtual escape rooms don't have the same atmosphere as physical ones. However, the majority of games offer engaging tasks and inventory management systems. 

One advantage of virtual escape rooms is that you may use your browser to play games with ease. You can save your game and come back at a later time in certain escape rooms. The distinctive plots of these online adventures are intended to keep you interested and involved to the finish. 

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  • DIY Escape Room Puzzles

For those who enjoy the thrill of escape rooms and want to create their adventures, DIY escape room puzzles are a fantastic option. These kits include all the elements to design your escape room, from puzzles and clues to props and storylines.

Game Sequence Variations

  1. Linear Games:  Linear escape room games present challenges that must be solved in a specific order. Teams focus on one puzzle at a time, and as they solve each puzzle, the storyline progresses. Linear games are well-organized and ideal for beginners or small groups looking to collaborate closely.
  2. Non-Linear Games: Non-linear escape rooms offer a more intricate and challenging experience. Players must work on multiple puzzles simultaneously to escape within the time limit. These games often feature interconnected clues that lead to a grand puzzle. Non-linear escape rooms are suitable for larger groups, such as corporate teams, as teammates can split into smaller teams to tackle separate challenges.
  3. Mixed Linear/Non-Linear Games: The mixed format combines elements of both linear and non-linear escape rooms. It often begins with various puzzle tracks, with teams splitting into smaller groups. These games are typically story-driven, allowing players to become part of the narrative. Players must utilize various problem-solving skills, making mixed games suitable for any group size.

4 Common Escape Room Puzzles

  1. Cypher and Code Puzzles

Cypher and code puzzles involve deciphering secret messages or unlocking locked containers by solving riddles, decoding symbols, or working with various codes. These puzzles often require logical thinking and careful observation of clues hidden within the room.

  1. Physical Puzzles

Physical puzzles require participants to manipulate objects or elements within the escape room to uncover hidden clues or triggers. These can include jigsaw puzzles, maze challenges, or tasks involving assembling or disassembling objects to reveal vital information.

  1. Pattern Recognition Puzzles

Pattern recognition puzzles test your ability to identify and complete sequences or patterns. You may need to arrange objects in a specific order, find connections between different elements, or deduce the correct sequence based on clues in the room.

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  1. Math and Logic Puzzles

Math and logic puzzles challenge your problem-solving skills and numerical reasoning. These can involve solving Sudoku puzzles, calculating equations, or deducing solutions to complex logical problems. Paying attention to detail and deductive reasoning is key to cracking these puzzles.

Escape rooms and DIY escape rooms for adults often combine these puzzle types to create an immersive and challenging experience for participants. By working together with your team and utilizing your collective skills, you can solve the mysteries of the room and make your escape within the given time limit.


Escape rooms offer an exhilarating and brain-teasing adventure that encourages strategic thinking and collaboration among participants. Whether you're looking to spice up your social plans with friends, strengthen team dynamics at work, or create unforgettable family memories, escape rooms offer something for everyone, accommodating various interests and group sizes. For a more enjoyable escape room adventure, explore our comprehensive guide, "Unlocking the Secrets of Escape Rooms", for additional resources and expert tips.

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